About Us

Intrinsic Love for the Craft

How inspiration drives our efforts

Most of us look for ways that we can contribute to the craft, and hopefully leave it with something worthwhile, in remembrance.  There are many that choose to follow the leadership routes, and hold offices in their lodge, or other appendant bodies.

We chose to take another route which resulted in the formation of our previous company, “Upon the Point”, where we created lapel pins, and coins the likes of which had not been seen in our Fraternity.  They were designed to elicit interest, and provoke conversation.  Based on sales, and feedback, they certainly achieved that goal.

In early 2020, when the Wuhan Virus had made its entrance, we decided that be would no longer operate at the mercy of foreign manufacturers.  Their schedules, customs, political fallouts, or any other circumstance would no longer place constraints on our efforts.

Marvelous Masterworks was born out of the necessity to take back complete control of our business.  It is intended that we will be designing, and manufacturing our own products – mostly of wood – in our own facility, by our own hands.

Our first product is 3D printed.  Due to the intricacy involved, creating it on a lathe would be very difficult, and time consuming. 

The response we have received on our Jachin and Boaz shakers has been very encouraging.  Currently made in either Rosewood, or Marble (simulated materials) – we are experimenting with other options.  Once finalized, they will be offered as well.

We hope you have enjoyed our efforts, to date, and will follow us as we grow.


Dennis Burns





What’s in our future?

Our woodworking goals, and dreams

Woodworking has long been a hobby, but never before have we ventured into the commercial aspects, with only family and friends enjoying our creations.

Like many of you, we have been inspired by movies such as “National Treasure”.  Although it would require old-world skills to recreate the things we saw depicted, that is our aim.  It will start small, with keepsake boxes, and displays, and it will grow to include cedar chests, and small desks. 

It would take some time to create a “Resolute Desk”, but that would be a lofty goal, worthy of pursuit!